Drip Campaign

An email drip campaign is a set of emails that will be sent out automatically on a schedule. These emails are sent based on specific triggers and help increase user activation and retention. Planning a drip campaign requires careful consideration of how you want your user to experience your product. The most obvious automated email and usually the start of a drip campaign is a welcome email upon sign up.

During my time at Maggy, I created an email drip campaign by first mapping out which messages I wanted my users to receive and on which schedule.

Click here to view the timeline of the drip campaign I set up for Maggy.

Once the timeline was mapped out, I then created the email copies and A/B tested some CTAs and subject lines. I sent the emails from Mixpanel, the tool I used to track user events. This allowed for me to set up the triggers easily:



And voila, here is an example of an email our users received (in Dutch):