I’m half Haitian – half Dutch and grew up in Miami, Florida. I moved to Amsterdam in the summer of 2012 to do my Masters degree at the University of Amsterdam. After completing the program and living in Amsterdam for 1 year, I was in love! I’ve lived in Amsterdam ever since and I’m proud to call this city home.

My educational background is in business, but in 2016 I completed a Growth Hacking course which has given me the skills to become a full-stack, self sufficient growth hacker. I’ve helped startups define their value proposition and subsequently create a growth plan, which defined all steps of the AARRR Model (read more about the AARRR Model here).


Growth Hacking

If you’ve landed on my website, I’m sure you’ve browsed around and found all kinds of information on growth hacking. Although I believe the term is a hype at the moment, the groundworks of growth hacking are very relevantĀ for every company.

IĀ define growth hacking as running short experiments as quickly as possible to validate what works (and what doesn’t) and scale up (or down) from there. I believe that innovation, good design, great user experience, and data-driven decisions lead to product growth and success.